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Our History

Our Inspiration 

Our Inspiration 

Our Inspiration - Brad Werner & Company was founded by our President, Brad Werner, Behavioral Financial Advisor (BFA), Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS).

Brad is a 26 year Investment Industry Veteran. During Brad’s duty as a United States Army Medic, he began to invest 10% of his $550 military paycheck. While discussing his investments with his fellow soldiers, they began to ask many questions about how to save and invest for their futures - LIGHT BULB MOMENT!!

Brad was joined in 2001 by his wife, Carmen. The husband and wife team is committed to help families and businesses prepare for financial security and enjoy retirement. Carmen, as a United States Marine Corp Veteran, uses her disciplined, organized, and focused approach to provide clients with a level of unrivaled client care and superior service. With 18 years of experience as Director of Operations at Brad Werner & Company, Carmen has transformed our client experience and company.

Who says the Army and Marines can’t work together successfully?! We occasionally discuss which Branch is the strongest. We have come to the conclusion that all Branches are equally important-especially when they work together.